Volunteer Policy


Ideas Link CIC is committed to good practice in the use of volunteers and to establishing common practice across our organisation.


We acknowledge that good volunteering practice is essential for constructive and meaningful volunteering opportunities for the mutual benefit of volunteers and Ideas Link CIC.


For the purpose of this policy, Ideas Link CIC defines a volunteer as:


“A volunteer is someone who chooses to give their time and support to Ideas Link CIC and who is placed in an agreed role within the organisation. A volunteer is unpaid and is not an employee.”


Ideas Link CIC board members are also volunteer’s with a particular governance role to play in the organisation. Their roles and responsibilities are defined by the Ideas Link CIC Constitution. Reflecting this difference board members are covered by particular recruitment, induction and other procedures which are separate and distinct to those referred to below for other volunteer roles in the organisation.


The involvement of volunteers within Ideas Link CIC should be a positive experience for all concerned and relationships between staff and volunteers is mutually supportive. We aim to meet this by developing and implementing robust procedures to ensure volunteers are:


  • Recruited to the organisation using agreed recruitment procedures in line with our equal opportunities policy.
  • Given clear volunteer role outlines.
  • Given appropriate induction and training to undertake their role.
  • Given clear guidance with regard to the boundaries of their role.
  • Allocated a supervisor to ensure their work is adequately supervised and their skills developed with sufficient training.
  • Re-imbursed agreed expenses.
  • Not introduced to replace currently funded posts.

Ideas Link CIC while encouraging volunteering within the organisation reserves the right not to take someone on as a volunteer or to end the volunteer placement at any time.


22 June 2019

For your reference as this statement is mentioned above here is our Equal Opportunities Statement.

Ideas Link CIC Equal Opportunities Statement


Ideas Link CIC believes that equality of opportunity is essential to achieving our vision of screening quality international, national and local cinema across the shire of Lomond and across the world and to widen access to all the film screenings, filmmaking workshops, film talks and associated events and develop enthusiasm for cinema and filmmaking throughout life. Ideas Link CIC believes that a properly implemented and monitored programme for ensuring equal opportunities is in the best interest of our activities, its staff and volunteers, both present and future ofr Movie Hoolie and Lomond Film Festival.


Ideas Link CIC aims to create an environment in which audiences are not excluded from any of its activity regardless of gender, colour, ethnic or national origin, race, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, socio-economic background, religious or political beliefs, trade union membership, family circumstances or other irrelevant distinction.  Ideas Link CIC will also not discriminate anyone students who have previous convictions if these are covered by the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.


  1. Ideas Link CIC has responsibility for protecting and adhering to this statement and any associated policies which support it. The Ideas Link CIC team have an individual responsibility to apply the principles of this statement, and other in their dealings with everyone who attend Ideas Link CIC workshops and/or events other workshops, movie hoolie film school and/or jamboree, Lomond Film Festival events and screenings.


  1. Ideas Link CIC recognises its responsibility to provide guidance and training in these issues for all Ideas Link CIC, Lomond Film Festival and Movie Hoolie volunteers. Ideas Link CIC will take steps to encourage volunteers to:


  • treat others with respect at all times
  • actively discourage discriminatory behaviour or practice
  • participate in training and learning opportunities that would enable them to consider their own prejudices and adopt good practice


  1. Ideas Link CIC is committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment in which all individuals have the opportunity to contribute to their full potential.


  1. Ideas Link CIC agrees to:


  • Publicise and raise awareness of this statement and its supporting policies amongst its team
  • Operate a fair, open and transparent procedure for the recruitment of any staff or volunteers
  • Provide fair and accessible opportunities for training and promotion for any staff of volunteers
  • Operate fair and transparent procedures for staff and volunteer recruitment
  • Promote the use of inclusive language and avoid the use of words or phrases which are discriminatory or exclusive in all Ideas Link CIC publications and correspondence


  1. Discrimination or harassment by any member of the Ideas Link CIC team, staff or volunteers, or victimisation of anyone who has complained of discrimination, may be unlawful andwill be regarded as misconduct and dealt with through the appropriate disciplinary procedures.


  1. Any complaint of discrimination, harassment or victimisation will be taken seriously by Ideas Link CIC.  Formal complaints should be made in writing to the Operation’s Manager of Ideas Link CIC.


  1. Responsibility for the implementation and effectiveness of this statement will rest with the Ideas Link CIC staff with assistance from Ideas Link CIC directors.Ideas Link CIC will monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of this statement through effective Monitoring and Evaluation.


  1. This statement will apply to all other policies and procedures for

Ideas Link CIC


22 June 2019