La Belle et la Bete


Director: Jean Cocteau, Rene Clement (uncredited).

1h 33mins (1946) France (Black & White)   PG

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance

Short Description

A beautiful young woman takes her father’s place as the prisoner of a mysterious beast who wishes to marry her.

According to records at BFI ‘Cocteau aspired towards a realism of the unreal’, working with cinematographer Henri Alekan and designer Christian Berard to conjure up a world of living statues, talking mirrors and candelabras clutched in disembodied hands.  All viewed listening to an eerie orchestral score from Georges Auric.’ (Margaret Deriaz-BFI Distribution Catalogue.)

For film schoolers and filmmaking buffs – The effect of the candles lighting themselves as the merchant passes them was achieved by him walking backwards during filming with the candles being blown out as he walked past.  Then, this scene was placed in the edit running in reverse.  Jean Cocteau drew inspiration from nineteenth century artist and engraver Gustave Dore for the films look and mis-en-scene. (Mis-en-scene: a French word meaning ‘what is put into the scene or frame’ which are settings, props, costume, hair, make-up, facial expressions, body language, lighting, colour, positioning of characters and objects within a frame).

Cast in brief: Jean Marais – La Bete / Josette Day – Belle

Mila Parely / Nane Germon / Michel Auclair / Raoul Marco / Marcel Andre / Janice Felty


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