Director:  Alan Clark

63 min (1982) UK N/C 18+

Genre: Drama, Televised Play, 80’s TV theatre.

Baal is a young amoral rebellious poetic genius who, after a short and eventful life of debauchery, betrayal and violence, is about to cut his ties to the world and meet his doom.  A high society party is where the end begins.

Viewed by many as a dramatic masterpiece and by others as one of director Alan Clarke’s mis-fires you decide for yourself and come and see this television adaption of the 1st play Brecht the German playright wrote.

David Bowie is seen in the opening singing the theme song ‘Baal’s Hymn’ and this sets the scene of him the protagonist an ex-soldier, explaining his love of ‘the sky’, alcohol, women and mass murder – – – – – during an Orgy.

Zoe Wannamaker is terrific as one of Baal’s girlfriends.

Like we said come and find out for yourself if you like this film, fans of David Bowie have a chance to see it in a tent as a community pop-up cinema event and remember you can stay to discuss the film with as at a round-table informal chat afterwards.

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*Saturday 27, July – Venue: Tir-na-nOg Holistic Centre, The Stables, Balfunning, Balfron Station, G63 0NF*

*Tent opens 1:00 pm – film starts 1:30 pm – discussion starts 2:30 pm – 3:00 pm*

Round-table discussion afterwards exploring the themes of – protagonist, Baal’s character and modern parallels today of his character tropes in other characters in films.  With an opening to the floor to discuss other themes, stylistic or other topics around this film.

The tent is wheel chair accessible please Email: hello@ideaslinkfilm.com to make arrangements.

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