General Introduction

Who we are.

We are Ideas Link CIC registered social enterprise in the UK, registered in Scotland and all operations in Scotland occur under Scottish Law and relevant European Union (EU) Law.

What is this policy.

Ideas Link CIC privacy and cookies policies.

Who is Lomond Film Festival and Movie Hoolie?

Lomond Film Festival and Movie Hoolie are both project's run and created by Ideas Link CIC.

Introduction to Ideas Link CIC privacy policy.

Ideas Link CIC needs to collect personal data from its users to provide a full range of products and services. This Privacy Statement explains what personal information we collect and how it is processed.  In this policy Ideas Link CIC may be referred to as Ideas Link.

Ideas Link CIC collects personal data for the following three reasons:

  1. To provide a personalised service to users of Ideas Link CIC products and services
  2. To help us monitor and make improvements to our services
  3. To promote products and services to users if they have given us consent to do so

Our principles

Ideas Link CIC is committed to protecting personal data and adheres strictly to the principles outlined in the Data Protection Act 1998 and The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

  • We will ensure that the appropriate security measures are deployed to protect the information that you share with us
  • We will collect only the personal data required to provide the products and services that you opt into. No other data will be collected
  • We will provide sufficient information for users to make an informed choice about consenting to Ideas Link communications
  • We will only send communications that you have positively opted into receive, unless legitimate interest is deemed the lawful basis for sending communications - for example, Ideas Link Workshops, Movie Hoolie Film School or Lomond Film Festival time-table changes through unforeseen circumstances that we wish to notify you of.
  • We will ensure your right to change your preferences by contacting
  • We will ensure that all users can opt out of communications at any time
  • We will collect consent from a parent or legal guardian to collect the personal data of children and young people under the age of 16.  This collection of consent is done through our on-line booking and payment system if you book through one of our websites and/or and/or  Or, it is sought in writing through a registration process within the half-hour period of any of our events occurring.
  • Some events booked on-line are attended by people under the age of 16 with guardians accompanying them such as film screenings, we do not collect personal data of children at these events unless the guardian requests more information about future events and wishes to pre-register their child for such an event.
  • Where appropriate to the running of our delivery of a project, event, production, workshop or course your personal data will be shared with freelancers or contractors under contract with us.  These freelancers or contractors are either workshop leaders, course tutors or professional under freelance roles or under contract with Ideas Link in a role where they are maintaining operational conditions vital for the smooth running of Ideas link projects or productions.   These freelancers or contractors will have signed a consent form with Ideas Link saying they have consented to view your personal data or the personal data you have consented us to collect in a way that only adheres strictly to the principles outlined in the Data Protection Act 1998 and The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and for use only in delivering only Ideas Link projects or productions.

The information we collect and why

Registering for an Ideas Link Account and/or Movie Hoolie Membership.

If you register for an account or membership or register to access the password to a password protected page on either, one or all of these websites, and/or you are registering for an Ideas Link Account which may also be referred in any correspondence we have with you if you book through as Movie Hoolie Membership. All registration for any events either through our Ideas Link, Movie Hoolie or Lomond Film Festival wesites are registered as an Ideas Link Account.

We ask for the following information when users register for an Ideas Link account. An account is required to access a range of Ideas Link products and services including educational resources, Movie Hoolie Film School Bulletins, registration to receive a password for a password protected website page listed as the websites in the above paragraph and some Lomond Film Festival events and Lomond Film Festival Bulletins.

  • Date of birth this enables us to set up and manage the right account for the user either a tutor account or an account for an adult or young person
  • First name, last name, email address and username

As part of the registration process we may at times give users the option of being kept up-to-date with Ideas Link products and services via email. Users must proactively tick this box to give consent for Ideas Link to communicate with them. Registered users who do not tick this box will not receive emails from Ideas Link, unless it's related to an event that they have booked, or an event they have given written consent to be notified of.

Movie Hoolie and Lomond Film Festival

We ask for a mobile telephone number, email address and home address when users register to attend a screening, workshops, course, talk or event at the Movie Hoolie or Lomond Film Festival booking though the websites and or buying a ticket in person from one of our representatives. This is required as the cinema or venue where the event is to be held or Ideas Link CIC may need to call the ticket booker regarding a last-minute timing change, cancellation or late arrival.

Mobile phone numbers will not be used for any other purpose than contacting Movie Hoolie, Lomond Film Festival and/or Ideas Link CIC attendees as described above, and mobile phone data will be deleted within six months of the Movie Hoolie, Lomond Film Festival and/or Ideas Link CIC event ending.

Data provided by Children and Young People

Children and young people aged 8 to 19, who are members of the Ideas Link Movie Hoolie or attendees on one of our workshops or courses, can register to use either or the Ideas Link CIC operated websites, and/or

All children aged 16 or under are required to gain parental or legal guardian consent to access Ideas Link sites. This consent is gained when a child or young person provides a signed consent form to attend their Ideas Link activities, workshops or courses.

Ideas Link youth activities may also be named Movie Hoolie Film School or Lomond Film Festival Event.

Competitions, surveys and research.

On occasion, Ideas Link will conduct competitions and surveys via an authorised data capture provider. The provider will be named at the point at which the survey or competition is launched. All third-party data capture providers will be vetted to ensure they are GDPR compliant. Any information collected via such a service will be shared only with Ideas Link and used only for the purposes of the competition or survey.

Some of our Ideas Link CIC activities including under the titles of Movie Hoolie and Lomond Film Festival communications may in the future be managed by a third-party agency. The agency is contracted to ensure GDPR compliance and that all data held by them is securely deleted within six months of the Movie Hoolie, and/or Lomond Film Festival ending.

How do we profile the data we hold?

We sometimes profile the personal data that we collect (see list below), as this enables Ideas Link to offer registered users a range of Ideas Link workshops, courses products and services that reflect their interests. We do not profile sensitive data, nor does our profiling of data have a legal or significant effect on the individual. We do not sell on data to any third parties.

  • Stage of education (e.g.) primary, secondary or other relevant form.
  • Subject or subjects taught or studying.
  • Resources downloaded.
  • Region of registered user.
  • Interests in arts and culture.
  • Blood records, ie Whakapapa - Maori word for ancestors.
  • Their level of understanding that Earth is sentient
  • Any covenants with Earth that their name appears in the covenants do no recognise Earth is sentient.
  • Any covenants with Earth that their name appears in the covenants recognise Earth is sentient.
  • Jumble Sale preferences in regards to buying, donating or selling on our benalf.
  • Embodiment records.
  • Name of preferred casting director their embodiment records are to be sent too.

Ideas Link is not a casting or crew booking agency and will not operate like a casting or crew booking agency on your behalf.


Cookies are pieces of data that are created when users visit a website, and which are stored in the cookie’s directory of their computer. Cookies are created when users visit or, and we use four types of cookies:

  1. Session cookie: this allows us to identify logged in users, giving them access to more of the site. This is essential for the website to operate.
  2. Google Analytics cookie: this allows us to generate data about how many people use our site, and which pages they visit.
  3. 'Accept' cookie: this tells us that a user has accepted that their information can be used as part of our analytics and statistics (as above).
  4. Demographics and Interests cookie: this allows us to collect data on users by age, gender and interest categories. This helps us to target our communications more effectively to users.

We will be developing some relationships with carefully-selected and monitored suppliers and have some allready. They may also set cookies during your visit to be used for analysis and re-marketing purposes. This enables us to promote products and services that reflect a visitor’s interests.

In accordance with new legislation, users can actively opt-in to these cookies being stored on their computer. Users can also change settings and preferences on their browser to manage and delete cookies across all websites. Please note that by deleting our cookies or disabling future cookies, users may not be able to access certain areas or features of our site.

When will Ideas Link contact me?

Ideas Link will only contact a registered user if consent has been given, or if we have a legitimate interest to do so (Consent options will always be presented clearly, and all users will be asked to opt in to give Ideas Link the right to communicate with them.)

All registered users have the right to refuse consent without detriment and can unsubscribe from communications at any time, either by clicking unsubscribe or changing the options in their account settings.

Ideas Link CIC may contact you:

  • In relation to the functioning of any service you have signed up for to ensure that Ideas Link CIC can deliver the service to you
  • Where you have opted to receive further correspondence
  • If you are the winner of an Ideas Link CIC competition or prize that you have entered
  • To promote other Ideas Link CIC products and services

Ideas Link Workshop Leaders and Movie Hoolie Film School Tutors.

Ideas Link has a legitimate interest to contact Ideas Link Workshop Leaders and Movie Hoolie Film School Tutors, as outlined in the Ideas Link Workshop Leaders agreement or Movie Hoolie Film School Tutors agreement. This is to ensure that Ideas Link can provide the best possible service to Ideas Link Workshop Leaders and Movie Hoolie Film School Tutors and their attendees on either workshops or courses..

Ideas Link Workshop Leaders and Movie Hoolie Film School Tutors may unsubscribe from future Ideas Link CIC communications on all emails that Ideas Link CIC sends by notifying us.

When should we contact you and photography and moving image material

Should you book on-line please notify us if your child through emailing is under any other required security arrangement wherefore they should not have their image publicly displayed in any way. We do not collect this information at point of sale through our websites or at the door.

By buying a ticket from us you automatically give us consent to use the child under your guardianship’s image and/or images and your image and/or images which we our registered photographers or camera operators or filmmakers may collect as photographs, film or other media format for promotional purposes, a record, visual storytelling, documentary and/or dramatic storytelling purposes for use or follow-through screening on television, streaming services, movie theatre, pop-up cinema event, reporting, or for our research purposes as listed in our articles of association.

It is your responsibility to tell us this information that the young person in your guardianship requires for their image not to be displayed publicly.  Upon Ideas Link being notified of this information your young person’s image will be identified and all possible effort will be made by us to not display their image publicly.  We will use similar process as use by High School's in Central Scotland whereby your childs image will be not shown at all or if shown will be blacked out mindfully and carefully.  If you have not notified us before an event starts you may be asked this question privately when you fill out a form at registration.

Photography and moving image material

We will only use images that we have consent to use. Images may be used in a range of Ideas Link communications and, on occasion and by our funders Regional Screen Scotland and Creative Scotland.

We gain consent for all individuals that appear in the photography we use, and individuals have the right to withdraw their consent at any time. Individuals wishing to withdraw consent for photography should contact Ideas Link CIC on

If you book onto any of our events, screenings or workshops through the websites, and/or and/or pay at the door to attend any of our events, screenings or workshops  you give us consent to photograph or take moving images of yourself and the young-people in attendance and under the guardianship of yourself.  These photographs or moving image are taken by our registered photographers or by our photographers and/or filmmakers on a photography and/or filmmaking workshop or course. You consent for Ideas Link CIC, our registered photographers and/or filmmakers or attendees on our photography and/or filmmaking workshops and/or courses may use these photographs or moving images to promote our activities or to edit together to create documentaries, films and/or visual stories under the titles of Ideas Link and/or Movie Hoolie and/or Lomond Film Festival and for sharing on social-media sites twitter, vimeo, YouTube and and for use on any Ideas Link CIC websites or other third party sites that comply with correct GDPR data-collection policies.

We will store photographic images for a period of 10 years (unless consent is withdrawn) and then securely delete the image file. Individuals have the right to request that images are deleted at any time and should contact Ideas Link CIC to do so.

  • Email:
  • Tel: 07591 996898


The use of personal data is lawful for filmmaking projects as it is necessary for the performance of the contract to make the film. All participants that appear in Ideas Link filmmaking projects will have given their consent to do so. These can be done under our names Movie Hoolie or Lomond Film Festival.

Filmed content may be used in on a range of platforms including any Ideas Link CIC run website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, follow through sales to any platform, public screening, streaming service or broadcaster.

On occasion, individuals may wish to withdraw their consent for a filmmaking project after the film has been completed, and we will consider these requests on a case-by-case basis. To discuss withdrawing consent for a filmmaking project please contact Ideas Link CIC on


  • Tel: 07591 996 898

Unless consent is withdrawn, filmed content will be stored in perpetuity in order to showcase and catalogue the work of the people involved.

Request to review, change or delete your personal information

If you require access to (or a copy of) the personal information we hold about you, or you would like to request a correction or to delete it then please contact Ideas Link CIC.

  • Email:
  • Tel: 07591 996 898

We will delete all personal information that we hold on a registered user within 120 working days of receiving a request unless we are required to retain the data for legal reasons.

How long will we keep personal data?

We will keep personal data for as long as we need to, and this will depend on what we are using it for. For example, Ideas Link Movie Hoolie Film School Tutor and Attendee's information will be kept for as long as the organisation Ideas Link or Movie Hoolie Film School requires them for educational and/or purposes of recorld. If we no longer need your data, we will either delete it securely or make it anonymous by removing all details that identify you. All users can ask for their data to be erased at any time by contacting Ideas Link CIC.

  • Email:
  • Tel: 07591 996 898

Making a complaint

If you wish to make a complaint about how Ideas Link CIC have managed your personal information, please contact our Data Protection Officer.

  • Tel: 07591 996 898
  • Email:
  • In writing: Ideas Link, Hayburn Studios, 23 Burgh Hall Street, Partick, Glasgow, G11 5LN

We will respond to all complaints within 120 working days. If you are not satisfied with our response, then you have the right to report the complaint to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).

Changes to this privacy policy

If this privacy policy changes in any way, we will place an updated version on this page. Regularly reviewing this page ensures you are always aware of what information we collect, how we use it and under what circumstances, if any, we will share it with other parties.


The privacy policy was updated to describe how Ideas Link CIC complies with The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

Special Terms and Conditions for registration through and/or for our film jamboree 2019 or any camping at Tir-na-nOg.

Upon booking through and/or you have agreed by making this on-line booking to waiver your right to claim personal injury compensation if you decide to participate in the sports football and/or baseball with your own sports equipment you have brought for the purpose of playing these sports.  You also agree upon booking through and/or to waiver your right to claim personal injury compensation if you decide to wash yourself in a bucket or a shower constructed from pallets that you have built or brought on-site yourself or find or buy or are lent on-sight by ourselves or anyone else this includes any shower constructed from pallets you find on-site if you hurt yourself on any bucket or in the shower constructed from pallets on-site you kindly agree by booking that you will not claim any compensation from us.   Just be mindful and careful and don't be stupid when washing yourself.  Be canny washing yourself and you will be alright.  For the purposes of this document the word mindful means you are present in the moment and feel with your body.  For the purposes of this document the word canny means you have your wits about you and are not intoxicated by alcohol or any prescription drug or other drug in any way.