A Gift of Culture

Director: Robert Golden

Sat 20, July 1:30 PM Start

£5 £12 All Day

Killearn Kirk, Balfron Road, Killearn, G63 9NL

A GIFT OF CULTURE explores the power of healing with music for traumatised children.  It features Nigel Osborne, Emeritus Professor at the University of Edinburgh.  Professor Osborne is one of the world’s experts on the use of music therapy for people of all ages suffering from war trauma and other neurological and psychological problems.

The film is set in Bosnia and Herzegovina where summer-camps are held for the children.  They participate in horse-riding, football, music and music therapy.  They end the camp with a performance created and performed by the children.

'This is suitable for a general audience, people interested in development, trauma and other psychological conditions, music and music therapy, music in the community, teaching stressed children and young people and working in areas of conflict'.